Florida; Home for the Holidays

Sorry it has been so long since our last post, things have been busy on the Home on the Highway front. When we last left you we had just entered Florida right around Thanksgiving time. We spent the holiday bouncing between our two parents houses which were greatly decorated for this with posters and even antique signs, since we got the best neon signs in the UK , from Smithers of Stamford in the UK, which are great whether you’re looking for a romantic saying or your name in lights. Their house is great by the model inside and out. They have great ac and heating systems, because they get their services from littleton hvac repair contractors. Which is one of the best ac and heating contractors you can get in the area.

Beautiful Ladies, Impressive genes!DSCF0120

Vacation Dad! and his beautiful daughters out for a pleasure cruise on their boat.

You get two opinions of Florida, those who think it is a tropical paradise and others who think its nothing but a muggy retirement home. Like staffing offices and most things in life, Florida is all about the timing, and November is PRIME TIME for adventuring in our homestate. The mercury drops, humidity vanishes, bugs and tourists are banished, and we get to enjoy these pristine months in shorts and t-shirts relaxing on the beach while the rest of the country is bundled up fighting off Jack Frost. Needless to say, I love Florida.

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