Adios San Pedro La Laguna!

We spent 4 weeks in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala taking spanish school. It was a great learning experience and we really enjoyed slowing down our pace and getting to know one location intimately. However, after a month in one spot our brains were burned out on spanish and we were ready to move on.

Our last night at school they threw a big bash for all the students. We cooked up a traditional meal of Chuchitos and Jicacma tea. Laurens teacher loaned her a traditional mayan outfit for the event.

The school got together and started cranking out Chuchitos (basically a Tamale with a lot less work) You take a ball of maiz flour and some oil, mash it up into a tortilla shape and fill it with some chicken/vegetables, close it up and wrap it in a leaf from a ear of corn.

IMG_8850 (Large)

Chuchitos ready for cooking

IMG_8859 (Large)

Throw them in a pot on top of the fire with a bit of water, steam for 45 minutes.IMG_8862 (Large)

Serve with salsa and EAT!

IMG_8867 (Large)

For a beverage, take a pot of water, add a boatload of Jicama (Hibiscus) flowers, and some sugar. Heat for a while, add sugar, and serve. Jicama tea.

IMG_8917 (Large)

We are going to miss our cabin in San Pedro, but all good things must come to an end and the trip must continue!IMG_8915 (Large)

We said goodbye to our teachers at Corazon Maya spanish school in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. We became very good friends with our teachers. You spend 4 hours a day for 3 weeks talking to someone and you form bonds. We often wonder what our guatemalan teachers are up to these days…IMG_8923 (Large)

We said goodbye to our sweet ass cabin

IMG_8962 (Large)

And took in our last views of Lago Atitlan…IMG_8975 (Large)

Were off to Guatemala City to get some much needed repairs done to the truck (reoccurring theme??) and meet up with some friends.

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