Decision Made

Took a walk up to the top of Tilden park today to watch the sunset. Weather has been amazing the past few days.

We’ve been hee-hawing back and forth on when to actually get this show on the road. Excuses after excuses keep coming up. We need more money, need more time, need more info, blah blah blah. I have the feeling if we don’t just pull the trigger we may never leave.

We both want to go home to Florida for a week or two to say goodbye to our folks and friends. We were planning on flying to save cash but after crunching some numbers we realized flight+rental car will come out about the same as just driving the 4runner back out east. It will give us a nice ~3500 mile shakedown run while still in the U.S to work out any kinks while we can still speak the language. Plus we can squeeze in a few more of the spectacular US parks on the way.

Decided to give the landlord notice, We’re outta here.

November 1st. We cast off the lines.

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  • Brenton

    Great idea! Get all the bugs worked out before you head south. If you guys want to party in Austin for a night, you could always park your 4runner in our living room and we’ll show you around!

    • James

      Oh well be crashing on your couch for sure!

  • Luis (Lost World)

    A shakedown sounds like a great idea… check expo for a new thread that includes a list of people volunteering a place to stay to fellow overlanders.

    What part of Florida? I am actualy visiting my family in Florida right now.

    • James

      I grew up in Miami, moved to Orlando for college. Lauren grew up in Tampa. We got most of the state covered, what part are you in?