Travel Books

New in town? Have no idea what to do, see, eat, drink, etc? Travel books for overlanders is essential gear.Visit here for the latest travel guides and find out more about group travel.  Grab your trusty travel guide and see what is suggested, from Zebras to wildebeest,Tanzania safari holidays capture your heart and mind, we use a mixture of Lonely Planets, Footprint, and MOON guides. For best traveling details you need a perfect Travel Blog. I suggest buying one of each before you go to choose which you prefer. suggested FootPrint guides provide more luxury accommodation fiji which we also found to be true. Most of the guides have similar information so you will mainly only need 1 per country. We suggest also picking up a copy of “Central American on a Shoestring” and “South American on a Shoestring” for down-dirty info on entire swaths of area. Use the guides for general info but please please please explore past what is on the pages. While certainly the dominating feature of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area safari  Area, the Ngorongoro Crater is by no means the only item of interest in the area—heck, it’s not even the only crater to be found nearby. That is where the real adventure is found. If your not interested in carrying around a boatload of books, Amazon is now offering many of these books in Kindle format. We have our loaded up, We still have alot of books as well. It’s hard to find these books in english once you leave the states so we suggest stocking up before you leave. Occasional we run across a backpacker book exchange where we can swap out as well.

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