GSI Outdoors Dualist Cookset

We love the GSI Dualist cookset for backpacking. It’s small footprint and portability also made for an easy transition into our overland cooking world. You can neatly nest each item inside of one another and have a small portable kitchen in one spot. It comes with 2 cups, 2 bowls, a pot/lid. You can also fit a SnowPeak stove and fuel canister inside the pot. While we dont use the Snowpeak stove while camping from our truck we continue to use the pot/bowls. When a backpacking trip comes up, add in the SnowPeak stove and fuel canister and your ready for action! Stock up on the Snowpeak compressed fuel canisters before you leave the states. They are hard to come by in Central/South America. Read more reviews here…

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