Endless Breeze Fan-Tastic Vent 12V Fan

There is no contest for this one. The Endless Breeze Fan-Tastic Fan is the BEST 12V fan ever created. If someone asked what is the one item we could NOT live without on this trip, the Endless Breeze takes it by 1000 miles. This fan pushes SERIOUS air and makes it possible to sleep inside the truck no matter how hot the weather is outside.

Lots of our friends traveling the Pan-Am have little 12v trucker fans, they oscillate around and push around a piddly bit of air. They say “It’s too hot to sleep in the truck! Home on the Highway, How do you do it!?”

That’s when I bust out the radiator-fan sized Endless Breeze and hit them with a blast of cool refreshing breeze from 10FT away.

The pricetag is insanely steep. $70 for a fan!? Are you nuts?

NO! I am comfortably sleeping inside my truck in 90F weather enjoying a cool breeze all night long.

The Endless Breeze Fan-Tastic vent fan barely taps the battery even cranking at full-blast (It has 3-speed settings, normally we just leave it on the lowest setting), ensuring night after night of comfortable sleep in the back-country.

Take our advice, Do not skimp on your truck fan. The Endless Breeze will change your life.

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  • Neill

    Hella Marine Fans….Say No more….