Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove

We went back on forth on the best stove for overlanding use. It’s a choice that we still haven’t exactly pinned down. Originally we were planning to rely on our simple Snowpeak backpacking stove, but try cooking a real meal in a real pan on a backpacking stove once and I guarantee you will be scrambling for something a bit more durable.

We originally purchased a small clamshell style propane stove for overlanding use due to the very small footprint and single burner design. However, after using this for a while we realized it would be better to have a dual-burner stove, one for the pan and one for a pot.

Our friends at Ruined Adventures happened to have an older Coleman dual-burner propane stove which we have been using for the trip so far. It has worked great for overland travel. The 5-pound green propane bottles are fairly easy to come by, store easily, and last long.

The Coleman 2-Burner stove is a tried and true stove for overlanding use. Not much has changed since the original design and not much needs to. It is durable, cheap, fairly compact, and gets the job done. Read more reviews here…

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