When choosing a refrigerator for overlanding you have many options. What size are you going to need? Do you need to freeze/keep things cool simultaneously? Do you need a digital LCD temp readout? How much do you have to spend? etc etc. Do you really even need a fridge!?

The primary refrigerator brands most overlanders stick to are ARB, Engel, and WAECO. These models are specifically designed for use in RVs, trucks and boats and use compressors for cooling rather than the peltier method. They can handle the constant jostling, jarring, and extreme temperature conditions that come with the overlanding lifestyle.

Personally we went with the WAECO CF-18 (Now known as the Dometic CF-18). It provides enough room for us to stash 12 beers and 3-4 days worth of perishable items while still being light enough and small enough to not be a burden in the truck. We are rough as hell with it, it has been dropped, rained on, and neglected. Yet every time we plug it in I hear the compressor spin up and within 15 minutes she is cold. Read more reviews here…

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