Getting closer!

Time to get serious, We are estimating being ready to leave in November. Lots of work is being done to the truck to convert it into a long-term living space and prepare it to be as mechanically sound as possible before we hit the road.

I have ripped out all the interior carpeting, replacing it with a waterproof liner and some Refletix insulation. Hoping to increase the R-value of the interior a bit, help keep us cooler/warmer inside.

I have also removed the rear seat, roll bar, interior paneling, all sorts of bits and bobs trying to get our weight down as low as possible.

We are getting ready to build the sleeping platform this weekend.

Motor is at Dave’z Offroad performance getting a complete rebuild. After I get the sleeping platform finished the truck is going up to my buddies shop Any7 Offroad. They are going to be building me a custom rear-swingout bumper to hold additional jerrycans for gas and water, as well as installing my new OME suspension and replacing most of the front-end steering/suspension parts.


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  • Doug


  • Kenny

    Looks great. Shout out to the cantilever!!! Are you going to have outlets (plugs) to charge gear?

    • James

      Yep, got a 1500w inverter getting installed that will give us regular 110v hookups.