Route Info

Originally we had planned ask for a loan and to the drive the entire Pan-American highway from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska all the way down to Ushuaia, Argentina, but online payday loans in canada help you? maybe! however our leave date in November doesn’t exactly mesh with the Alaskan winter. We have decided to just start heading South. We have no real route per-say, We prefer to let the road take us where it wants to go.

Rough plan is too mosey on down Central America to Panama. When we get to Panama we will locate a shipping company to crate up the truck and ship around the 57-miles of impenetrable rainforest known as the “Darien Gap” to Colombia. From Colombia we will continue our trek south bouncing around South America until eventually arriving at Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia, Argentina. The bottom of the Americas.

From there… Who knows?

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  • Justin(the alaskan)

    Well obviously the winters would be way to harsh for you guys but don’t cross it off the list completely Alaska has some of the most beautiful scenery and wildlife in the world!

  • Rachel Denning

    Awesome! Hope we meet up somewhere in route. We left Alaska in April, and it was CRAZY cold. November would be impossible :)

  • James

    THanks for all the info bud, We will be sure to check out all those places. We plan to spend a while in Guatemala taking Spanish immersion classes. We need them badly!