San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Back on the mainland we book it down to San Juan Del Sur. This place is supposedly really popular for surfing. We checked out one suggested campsites and it was “BRO CITY”. Not our scene, We searched around a bit and found a secluded spot called Matildas. $5 a night, beachfront. Sold.

We hooked up with some fellow overlanders. Our buddies from in a 3rd gen 4Runner and our friends Zach and Jill in an Astro van from You can see us all tucked up in the trees

The beach was gorgeous and hot. We spent most of the day lying in hammocks and drinking cold beers. Its a rough life.

At sunset the beach would fill with zillions of hermit crabs

Went on a adventure into town over this cool bridge to resupply on rum.

Drinking rum and watching the sun go down on sunset beach. Life is good.

Our dog friend howling in the sunset

After 4 days of beach chillin’ it was time to move on. Laurens Mom was showing up in Costa Rica in a few days and we needed to get closer to the airport.
Stopped for lunch and had some bull teste soup… MMMM QUE RICO!

Waved goodbye to San Juan Del Sur bay



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