The other half…

Hi All! So I suppose I should begin by introducing myself.


I have been the silent travel partner up until this point of the trip. Today I decided it was time to add my two cents before people begin to wonder if James has just been carrying around cardboard cut outs of a girl who seems ecstatic to be living out of the back of an old truck.

Wine, My best friend

Well, I am in fact ecstatic about embarking on this crazy adventure and even though the trip is only in its infancy I can already feel my attitude and mindset beginning to change.

The first mental hurdle was before the trip even began. It all started with the downsizing of stuff. I have to admit that I never thought of myself as materialistic, but during our intense “life cleanse” (as I like to call it) I realized just how hard it is to truly not attach yourself to stuff. I found myself getting all worked up over a pair of shoes the way the people on that show “Hoarders” do when they have to get rid of an old pizza box. I had to keep reminding myself that it really is just stuff. A couch is just a couch, a tv is just a tv and that new fancy iPhone that you just bought is just another item of unimportance in the grand scheme of life.

After letting go of all of this useless crap I cannot begin to tell you how free I felt. I was free from the anchors of life. I was free to focus on what life is all about. Experiences. I know that when I am on my death bed I will not be thinking about how much money I had, or how much stuff I bought. I will be thinking about how many amazing experiences I have had and the wonderful people I have met along the way.

Sundown in Punta Chivato, Baja, MX

Fellow traveling friends

All of that being said, I started talking to some friends and almost all of them told me that they would love to do what we are doing but have no idea where to start. It really does seem to be an overwhelming concept at first, but I will tell you now that ANYONE can do this. James and I are not special in any way. We are not trust fund babies, nor are we crazy bums who intend on living off of grass clippings and Gatorade. We are just two working stiffs who had a dream that is now in the process of becoming a reality. My ultimate goal for this trip is to help just one person live the life that they have imagined. If you can commit to living in small spaces and truly have the desire to downsize your life than I am here to help! I will be sharing tips on traveling for free/cheap, the budget from month to month, and other random factoids that we pick up along the way. Please feel free to ask any questions that you have and I will be more than happy to help. Cheers!

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