Power Bright Inverter

Lots of overland equipment these days has a 12volt version available (Think cigarette lighter plug in your car), however, certain items still require good ol’ fashion standard 110 volts (Think outlet you have in your house). This is where a good power inverter comes into play.

A lot of people question how much power they are going to need in an inverter? Well that of course depends on what you plan to do with it. In my opinion you can never have to much power, however, at a certain point the cost of inverters begins to double or even triple. If all you plan to do is run a laptop charger, cellphone charger, and camera charger etc. then you can get away with around 300-500 volts. For example, my laptop charger draws about 120volts when charging. Add in Laurens laptop and we are hitting around 220 volts. Your mileage may vary so make sure you research just how much voltage your overland equipment will be drawing off the power inverter. If you plan to run power tools or anything with a heating element I would suggest a minimum of 1000watts. Read more reviews here…

WARNING: Anything that has a heating element, Hairdryer, Curling iron, Popcorn maker, electric kettle… will draw a TON of power. Ask me about the 2 days I spent trying to get a damn Popcorn popper working off the inverter!

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